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Are you tired of trying to figure out which fiberlgass pool and what pool options are the best for you and your family?



Welcome to PoolSchool, the ultimate fiberglass swimming pool educational experience! You have come to a website unlike any other on the web.

Our mission here is to EDUCATE you….

We are not here to sell you a pool.


Right now, you are likely asking yourself one of these questions:

PoolSchool was founded by the owners of one of the leading fiberglass swimming pool builders in the country, River Pools and Spas of Virginia/Md. They started this incredible website for 2 main reasons:

  • Too many pool shoppers have terrible installation and ownership experiences due to a lack of solid, unbiased information provided them.
  • Too many pool builders, although they have the best intentions, fall short in their efforts to properly run, manage, build, and market a swimming pool company.

No other site on the internet addresses these two issues so thoroughly.

For the pool shopper (especially the fiberglass pool shopper), we have created 4 essential tools to help you with your buying and planning experience. They are as follows:

  1. We have published many articles on the subject of swimming pool cost, myths and misconceptions, photos, concrete vs fiberglass pools, vinyl liner vs fiberglass pools, and fiberglass pool manufacturers.
  2. We have produced the most extensive swimming pool education Video library on the Internet focusing on the categories of: PATIOS, MAINTENANCE, ACCESSORIES, DESIGN, and FENCING.
  3. Read Marcus Sheridan's popular book: "How to Buy a Swimming Pool the Right Way, From the Right Company, at the Right Price."
  4. Read the most detailed swimming pool planning book available on the Internet today: "6 Steps to Pool and Patio Success" by Jason Hughes.


What are readers saying about "How to Buy a Swimming Pool the Right Way"?

"Dear Marcus: Just wanted to let you know how helpful and informative your eBook was to me. Before reading your book I knew very little about pools, much less about proper installation methods and ancillary items like heaters. I now feel I am a much more informed consumer and my choices will be based on your recommendations -- which will maximize my chances of having a hassle-free pool experience. And I can see why you prefer Leisure pools -- their superiority to the competition is clear. Finally, I couldn't believe that you responded to my follow-up e-mail questions and even had the opportunity speak to you at length with follow-up questions. It's like I had my own personal pool consultant for $9.95! This is the best money I have EVER spent. Thanks again, and I hope the best for you and your business. P.S. I decided to go with the 31 foot Moroccan from Leisure Pools in Australian Blue. I feel very satisfied with my choice, thanks in large part to you." Charles S. Gilham, Chesterfield, MO 63017

"Your book is awesome and very informative. Thanks for honesty." Mary Culver, Kentucky

"Hello Marcus, Thanks for the e-mail. Since buying the two e-books we have been busy planning our pool install..... The books have been very helpful especially in planning the layout. The question I do have for you if you don't mind is in regard to the backfill material. I am all set to order the 1/2" crushed and washed limestone since my local Leisure dealer also recommended it however I still have many other people telling me sand is the was to go. One of thee people is a good friend of mine who installed pools for a living a while back. He loves to explain to me how many different buildings and constrruction projects are built on sand and also claims he had to fix pools installed with pea gravel. Me personally it seems to make more sense to use crushed gravel as it will lock in place and not move like sand or pea gravel. So my question/request is if you can me you best explanation or experiences as to why crushed gravel is better. I would like to explain it better to those helping with the pool install. Thanks very much." James Rauch.

"I truly enjoyed the eBook. It has already provided us with a lot of very good pointers and reminded us of things we said we would/wouldn't do if we had to do it over again" Mark White, Florida

"Marcus, Thank you so much for the e-book! I am positive we are making the right decision with a fiberglass pool, I just hope we can get the project underway before it snows!!!Your advice has been invaluable." Thanks again, Deann Frantz

"Hi Marcus….Great advice in your ebook. I will most likely contact you to see if we would be a good team (you as a consultant, me as an owner builder) on my pool project. I plan on starting this project sometime next year…. Anyway, great book, lots of good things to know and think about." Thanks Tom (California)

"Dear Marcus… Hello, how are you? I have purchased your book, and really have been enjoying reading it. Your book is very interesting and very informative." Thank you so much, Brenda, Florida

“My name is Jon Rutledge, my wife Sabrina and I enjoyed your e-book and are very grateful for the information you have provided….. The e-book was informative and from your experience helped us choose a fiberglass pool company over another….. Once again we really appreciate all the insight that you have given in your e-book. The email you sent after the purchase of the book really did help us with our decision……. After looking at your web site and reading your e-book, I only wish you were here in Texas to do my install!!!....... Once again Thank You so much for your quick replies and the excellent information. Your business web site was a huge help as well, my wife and I enjoyed watching the video of your employees installing the pool!!!!” - Jon and Sabrina Rutledge, Texas

"It is very nice of you to take the time to respond. I very much appreciate it. This is just further proof to me that I would hire Your company if I did not live a much sunnier state. I admit that I saw your ebook and was skeptical. Like so much of life, I decided to gamble. I am very glad I did. I have been researching pools for a bit now. While nothing came as a shock, I welcomed the reminders and notes to pay attention to the big picture. Without a doubt the $9.95 I spent will help me be a better shopper. However, You have raised the bar. I now want a pool company that can instill in me the same confidence I get from your book and you website. I fear that could be a challenge. As you mentioned, I too believe this could be a really good time to take the leap. I believe your consultations are a very good thing and something I am seriously considering. I hear and read so many horror stories and know they might have been avoided. You seem to have a common sense approach. I just have to get to that detail stage with a pool company." -Julius, Tampa Florida

"Marcus, I love your book, web site and videos. You have been extremely helpful. I would not have a clue without your help. Are you sure you don't want to come to North Texas to install?! I already totally trust you and your company. Not sure I am going to find a company to match up to you.....We had a gunite pool at our former house. We didn't build it, it came with the house. We lived there 7 years and the pool was very expensive to maintain. We have lived in our new house 1 year and I cannot take another Texas summer without a pool. Husband was against a pool at our new house because of the cost, the gunite drained us. With your help I was able to convince him of fiberglass!....Thanks again for all your knowledge. I'm so thankful I found your youtube video advertising your book during my research. It will help us with all the decisions we will be faced with. I'll keep you updated on our progress and I'm sure I will have questions or comments during the process. Have a great day"- Lynette, Texas

"Marcus - Hello! I bought and read your ebook earlier this month as we are looking hard for the right fiberglass pool and builder for a project at our home this fall. ......... We were wondering if you had any thoughts on that company. I have two builders in my area that use that pool so we will be looking closely at them and their quotes but I want to feel comfortable about their product as well. Most importantly their finish is important to us as I have heard time and again that the finish can make or brake a fiberglass pool! Thanks in advance and keep up the good work! Your honesty is important in the pool industry. Also your book helped us make some true decisions on things such as pool brands, heating our pool, the type of cover we'd like, etc. "- Alysen McCaughey, South Carolina

"Thanks so much for the advise.... I'll give _____a call. Your ebook has given us invaluable information. Thanks so much for your commitment to excellence! It's a VERY rare quality these days!"- Carl & Kathy Donaldson, Texas

"Marcus, Thanks for the follow up. We are just begininng our pool journey and fortunately, we are not in a rush and can take our time making sure we get the best pool for the best price. (Or you could say the right pool from the right company for the right price!) One quick question, I noticed _______ Pools wasn't covered in the book. Do you have any experience with their product? Thanks again for helping out folks like me in this process." - Ben Bargoil

"Hi Marc, I just finished reading your ebook which has been very informative and helpful. We live in Bergen County New Jersey and are interested in a Leisure Pool, the Grand Elegance 40. I would like to know if you have any contacts/contractors in our area that you could recommend to help in this process. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you."- Jeanne

"WOW !!!! I Just finsh reading your EBOOK . I will let this sink in a little bit. I will be in touch with you at a later date . THANK YOU so much for this information about fiberglass pools. It will help me so much to make a good decision . WOW !!!!"- Vincent, Fredericksburg

"Marcus, I read your e-book. It was very helpful. Thank you. One thing I'm not yet sure I agree with you on (but you've given me some things to think about) is the diving board idea. The last pool we owned had a diving board and we really enjoyed it. It was a spring type fiberglass board (can you still get these type?). It was also a free form concrete pool (30K gal) with a rather large shallow section, so we had the best of both worlds. I'm not sure I would be willing to build one that big. I'm also unsure about having a salt chlorine generator?? Is the water salty, can you taste or smell a difference (not that I plan on drinking form the pool)? Best Regards, Walt"


Table of Contents

Chapter One: What type of Pool do I choose?

1. Gunnite Pools
2. Vinyl Liner Pools
3. Fiberglass Pools

Chapter Two: The Contractor

1. A contractor's importance
2. Tip # 1 - Company Name
3. Tip # 2 - How to find out how they handle problems
4. Tip # 3 - Understanding reference lists
5. Tip # 4 - Quote Sheets and Hidden Costs
6. Tip # 5 - Builders License
7. Miscellaneous Tips

Chapter Three: Key Questions and Answers

1. Question # 1 - Which is more important, curve appeal or play area?
2. Question # 2 - What should be the pool's depth?
3. Question # 3 - Should I get a diving board?
Chapter Four: Pool Decking

1. Understanding the impact of your pool's deck

2. Types of Decking

  • Regular Broom
  • Colored Broom
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Pavers
  • Overlays
  • Flagstone
  • Brick
3. Cantilevered Decking
4. How much decking should I get?
5. Decking Borders

Chapter Five: Pool Options

1. Surface Color
2. Tile: Waterline, Step Inlay, Mosaic Inlays
3. Pool Lighting: Fiber Optics, Low Voltage Lighting, & Perimeter Fiber Optics
4. Cascades/Water Features
5. Inground Hot Tubs
6. Aboveground Hot Tubs
7. In-Floor Cleaning Systems
8. Automatic Vacuums

Chapter Six: Salt Chlorine Generators:
1. Advantages
2. Disadvantages

Chapter Seven: Pool Covers

1. Standard Cover
2. Security Cover
3. Automatic Cover

Chapter Eight: Pool Heaters

1. Propane/Natural Gas
2. Heat Pumps
3. Solar Heat

Chapter Nine: Fiberglass Pool Manufacturers

1. Blue Hawaiian
2. Royal
3. Trilogy
4. San Juan
5. Leisure
6. Ocean Reef
7. Alaglass
8. Viking
9. Composite Pools
10. Crystal Palace
11. Sun
12. Factory Direct Companies
Chapter Ten: More Q & A
1. What type of Filter should I use?
2. Should I backfill with sand or gravel?
3. Should I install a French drain?

Chapter Eleven: Pool Consultation

1. Pool Consultation



What are readers saying about "6 Steps to Pool & Patio Success."

"As the happy owners of one of Jason’s fiberglass pools, we spent many evenings planning our pool site and design. Though we are thrilled with our pool and patio how much easier the planning would have been had we Jason’s new ebook. Six Steps to Pool and Patio Success provides sound information and advice based on years of experience counseling families on their pools and patios. You’ll save time and avoid expensive mistakes if you read this valuable information. The book easily walks you through the steps you’ll need to take to make the right decisions for your family. The $19.95 money back guarantee is an excellent value. As eager as you are to “jump in and enjoy the swim”, first take the time to read this helpful guide." -Sue Johnson, Virginia

"Jason - I mentioned...that my husband was impressed with your use of general design principals. He graduated from the maryland institute of art in Baltimore with a BA in painting and appreciated that you were educating the public on basic design principals. I wasn't as surprised as he was as I've seen your pool designs online and figured you had to be using design principals. Do you have a degree in landscape design? The case studies you did were helpful to actually think things out and I really have put to use the dimensions section on how much space is needed for different uses around the pool." -Alysen, South Carolina

"As you’re no doubt well aware, it’s a desert wasteland when trying to find information on pools. An occasional book/magazine at Lowe’s or Home Depot, maybe some manufacturer puts out a little more info than a sales pitch, and (of course) the internet. Sorting through the internet for useable information is difficult in the extreme. Bottom line, there’s not a lot of information anywhere on planning for a pool. It’s really strange. An inground pool is perhaps the largest single purchase (after a home) that people can make...You’d think there would be more information available, but there really isn’t – at least from what I’ve found thus far. That’s where you’re and Jason’s ebooks come in. They help to fill in the information gap. Both books complement each other – each present different information to help...in bridging the information gap. " Michael, Tx.



  • Avoid the most common swimming pool and patio design mistakes.
  • Systematically assess your needs and plan the perfect poolscape accordingly.
  • Design for maximum beauty and functionality with minimum maintenance.
  • Apply basic design principles such as symmetry, the rule of thirds, and figure ground relationship to your pool and patio design.
  • Manage sloping yards.
  • Achieve privacy in almost any setting.
  • Find the ideal pool fence for you and the perfect fence layout for your site.
  • Beautify your pool with low maintenance landscaping.
  • Determine the best pool design for you and your family.
  • Assess how factors like sun/shade and wind patterns affect pool location.
  • Systematically plan and design patio size and shape based on specific guidelines.
  • Find the perfect retaining wall material and design for your site.
  • Take the guesswork and wishful thinking out of backyard design and build a plan that you KNOW will work with NO REGRETS.

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