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"How to Buy a Pool the Right Way, From the Right Company, at the Right Price" by Marcus Sheridan
"Purchasing A Fiberglass Pool Does Not Have To Be Stressful and Intimidating. You Needn't Go In To This Blind. This book will save you $1000s in Money, Time, and Stress... Guaranteed" - Marcus Sheridan


There is a very high chance that you are an uniformed pool shopper. Most people are.

  • This is why people fill in their pools.
  • This is why people say they'd never do it again.
  • This is why many consumers view sales people in the swimming pool industry as used car salesmen.
  • This is why our industry has such a bad name.

Imagine how much easier this process would be if you had the first hand knowledge of an owner of one of the largest and most reputable fiberglass pool builders in the country.


Marcus Sheridan is responsible for helping pool shoppers throughout the country turn the pool buying experience from one of stress and misinformation to knowledge, clarity, and enjoyment.


In case you're not familiar with Marcus' work, here are a few salient facts:

  • Started a pool company(with his two business partners) in 2001 out of the back of a pick-up truck.
  • Went from installing only above ground pools to averaging almost 100 fiberglass pool installations a year in Virginia and Maryland, a feat unheard of before that time in that area.
  • Created one of the most informative and user friendly websites and DVDs in the entire industry.
  • Was named the 2007 Entrepreneur in Residence by the prestigious Kelley School of Business at the University of Indiana.
  • Has become a well known speaker on the subject of pools and spas throughout the swimming pool industry, giving seminars at such events as the National Pool and Spa Expo presented annually by Hanley Wood.

You may be asking yourself, "Well how do I know he's telling the truth, and not some fake?"

The answer here is very simple. Go to his company's website: www.riverpoolsandspas.com. Not only will you be overloaded with information as you peruse its pages, you'll also be able to view part of his Pool Installation DVD. Once you've reveiwed the website, you will realize that Marcus knows what he is talking about.

Marcus has decided the rest of the country, and not just his customers, should be informed and educated about the purchase of a fiberglass swimming pool.

Upon reading this you will:

  • See why some fiberglass pool manufacturers are so much more advanced than others in the industry.
  • Learn how to quickly identify reputable from non-reputable pool installers.
  • Learn the proper methods in a professional fiberglass pool installation and the shortcuts some builders will try to take.
  • Understand what options you should choose with your pool and what ones to stay away from, as well as their corresponding price ranges.
  • Read the truth about Salt-Chlorine Generators and whether or not they are worth the initial investment.
  • Receive a list of the different fiberglass pool manufactures with their corresponding ratings.

What are readers saying?

"I truly enjoyed the eBook. It has already provided us with a lot of very good pointers and reminded us of things we said we would/wouldn't do if we had to do it over again" Mark White, Florida

"Marcus, Thank you so much for the e-book! I am positive we are making the right decision with a fiberglass pool, I just hope we can get the project underway before it snows!!!Your advice has been invaluable." Thanks again, Deann Frantz

"Hi Marcus….Great advice in your ebook. I will most likely contact you to see if we would be a good team (you as a consultant, me as an owner builder) on my pool project. I plan on starting this project sometime next year…. Anyway, great book, lots of good things to know and think about." Thanks Tom (California)

"Dear Marcus… Hello, how are you? I have purchased your book, and really have been enjoying reading it. Your book is very interesting and very informative." Thank you so much, Brenda, Florida

“My name is Jon Rutledge, my wife Sabrina and I enjoyed your e-book and are very grateful for the information you have provided….. The e-book was informative and from your experience helped us choose a fiberglass pool company over another….. Once again we really appreciate all the insight that you have given in your e-book. The email you sent after the purchase of the book really did help us with our decision……. After looking at your web site and reading your e-book, I only wish you were here in Texas to do my install!!!....... Once again Thank You so much for your quick replies and the excellent information. Your business web site was a huge help as well, my wife and I enjoyed watching the video of your employees installing the pool!!!!” - Jon and Sabrina Rutledge, Texas

Table of Contents

Chapter One: What type of Pool do I choose?

1. Gunnite Pools
2. Vinyl Liner Pools
3. Fiberglass Pools

Chapter Two: The Contractor

1. A contractor's importance
2. Tip # 1 - Company Name
3. Tip # 2 - How to find out how they handle problems
4. Tip # 3 - Understanding reference lists
5. Tip # 4 - Quote Sheets and Hidden Costs
6. Tip # 5 - Builders License
7. Miscellaneous Tips

Chapter Three: Key Questions and Answers

1. Question # 1 - Which is more important, curve appeal or play area?
2. Question # 2 - What should be the pool's depth?
3. Question # 3 - Should I get a diving board?
Chapter Four: Pool Decking

1. Understanding the impact of your pool's deck

2. Types of Decking

  • Regular Broom
  • Colored Broom
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Pavers
  • Overlays
  • Flagstone
  • Brick
3. Cantilevered Decking
4. How much decking should I get?
5. Decking Borders

Chapter Five: Pool Options

1. Surface Color
2. Tile: Waterline, Step Inlay, Mosaic Inlays
3. Pool Lighting: Fiber Optics, Low Voltage Lighting, & Perimeter Fiber Optics
4. Cascades/Water Features
5. Inground Hot Tubs
6. Aboveground Hot Tubs
7. In-Floor Cleaning Systems
8. Automatic Vacuums

Chapter Six: Salt Chlorine Generators:
1. Advantages
2. Disadvantages

Chapter Seven: Pool Covers

1. Standard Cover
2. Security Cover
3. Automatic Cover

Chapter Eight: Pool Heaters

1. Propane/Natural Gas
2. Heat Pumps
3. Solar Heat

Chapter Nine: Fiberglass Pool Manufacturers

1. Royal
2 Trilogy
3. San Juan
4. Leisure
5. Ocean Reef
6. Alaglass
7. Sun
8. Factory Direct Companies
Chapter Ten: More Q & A
1. What type of Filter should I use?
2. Should I backfill with sand or gravel?
3. Should I install a French drain?

Chapter Eleven: Pool Consultation

1. Pool Consultation


How much is it???

Normally books similar to Marcus’ sell for at least $29.95 on the internet. Marcus has always sold his book for $19.95, but because of the slow economy and the fact that everyone is trying make every dollar count, Marcus is offering his book at $9.95 for a limited time only!! For less than the cost of lunch you can finally have unbiased, straight-forward information about the purchase of a fiberglass pool. Do not wait for this book. With the incredible 60-day money back guarantee given, you are literally taking no risk to attain such an money and stress saving asset.



Our Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee

Review Marcus Sheridan's latest book, "How to Buy the Right Pool, from the Right Company, at the Right Price," for 60 days at our risk, not yours. If for any reason you are not delighted in the book, simply return it for a prompt and courteous refund.

Your ebook is in PDF format and will be delivered via email notification instantly. Your account will be charged $9.95 and will appear as "CLKBANK*COM" on your statement.

"Purchasing A Fiberglass Pool Does Not Have To Be Stressful and Intimidating. You Needn't Go In To This Blind. This book will save you $1000s in Money, Time, and Stress... Guaranteed" - Marcus Sheridan


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